The Mountain Valley Spring Water | We The People
Agency/Production: The We Collective
Director: Smith+Topaz
Producer: Jenya James
Editor: Jason Sager, WAX editorial


Netflix "Where It Happened" #FilmedHere
Millions of fans watch TV and films on Netflix, but only a dedicated few visit the locations where their favorites were filmed. This winter, Smith+Topaz went cross-country with Netflix to capture these people’s connections to the stories they love.
Director: Smith+Topaz
Editor: Doug Walker, Beast Editorial



CaratLane | Love & Laughter Campaign
For Valentines Day, we went out in search for real couples in love. 
Agency: The We Collective
Production: Harbor Picture Company
Director: Smith+Topaz
Producer: Jenya James
Editor: Ed McGowan



"Just A Box" {see full stories at}
Box Design by: Hello We Are.
Creative Director: Nathan Phillips
Agency: Noise
Directed by: Smith+Topaz
Produced by: Jordan Makow
Edit by: Whitehouse Post- Trish Fuller, Ethan Mitchell and Crandall Miller
Original Music: Watt White


Davines | "Nature is our teacher" 2 min short
Directed by: Smith+Topaz
Client: ION Davines Salon & Atelier
Edit by: Armando Croda
Original Music: Sapphire Adizes


Mackage | WINTER 2017
Agency: The We Collective
Production: Killer Films Media
Director: Tracey Smith + Sharon Ehrlich
Producer: Rachel Fleit
Editor: Melissa Huffsmith-Roth


Rooster | 2 min teaser
A man is defined by the values he holds and the ones he's willing to give up. A Ditchrider is pushed to the edge in this thriller film.
Film currently in production


Netflix "Grammasters" #FilmedHere 
Netflix sent 3 "Grammasters" out in the road to travel the continent and take pictures of iconic TV and film locations they loved. Smith+Topaz traveled with them documenting their stories and the beginning of the @Netflix #FilmHere Instagram campaign. 
Director: Smith+Topaz
Editor: Doug Walker, Beast Editorial



{ The And } officially premiered at Sundance 2015, is an Emmy Award-Winning interactive short documentary focusing on the intimate spaces of relationships, currently with over 35 million views worldwide.
Created and directed by: Topaz Adizes
CBS News | HuffingtonPost | Nerve | Ensemble, Holland | Wonderzine, Russia |Ballinnn, Amsterdam | Elite | Trend Central }



Taylor Swift Experience The first-of-it's-kind 360⁰ immersive music video app that was launched on 11|11|2014 and listed as the best new app on iTunes. Created by @RadicalMedia + Amex Unstaged
Creative Director: Tracey Smith { Wall Street Journal | New York Times | Washing Post | Jezebel | Wired | Forbes | Rolling Stone | Billboard }

A powerful interactive true-to-life experience d
irected by SMITH+TOPAZ for Walk Free, an incredible organization dedicated to ending domestic slavery worldwide. {Currently in post production]
Experience what your life would be like trapped as a domestic slave.