BOY. Short Film
Topaz Adizes, Director

A 10 year old spends the day with his father and experiences a rite of passage that will forever change him. 


US ARMY. Army Strong Campaign [Directors Cut]
Tracey Smith, Creative Director

Symbol of Strength Films. It's more than a uniform, It's the jersey of the greatest team on earth.


Trece Años. Short Film
Topaz Adizes, Director

Guillermo Ivan returns to his family in Cuba for the first time in 13 years and experiences a greater divide than just distance.


Dentyne. Make Face Time Campaign
Tracey Smith, Creative Director

Power down, log off, unplug. Make Face Time.


Film Aid. Kakuma Refuge Camp
Topaz Adizes, Co-Director

The Joy Formidable by A Heavy Abacus is a unique and powerful music video created for Film Aid, inspired by the resilience of the refugees at Kakuma.


MasterCard. Priceless Campaign
Tracey Smith, Creative Director

Cheers to perfection. Wherever we go, we can have a night out that's priceless.


Americana Trailer. Feature Documentary 
Topaz Adizes, Director

Americana explores American identity at home and abroad by juxtaposing the personal stories of Americans overseas and those of two teenagers in their last three months of high school before their U.S. Army enlistment.

 “quite possibly the best exploration of national identity since Edward Morin and Jean Rouch documented French working class frustrations in “Chronicle of a Summer.” -IndieWIRE

“the result is a powerful documentary that confronts America’s superpower status and worldwide perception.” -The Hollywood Reporter